HoshinTao Chi Kung Distance Learning Program

The HoshinTao Chi Kung Distance Learning Program allows individuals who are not able to attend an instructor led class, to participate in the HoshinTao Chi Kung program. This program is broken into seven levels which can be purchased individually as each person progresses through the system. Each level contains meditations, chi building exercises, stretching and breathing techniques.

What Makes This Program Different?

One unique difference in the HoshinTao Chi Kung Distance Learning Program is the mentoring aspect. Each participant is assigned a mentor for which can provide guidance as the participant works through the program. Mentors are not only qualified instructors but are also experienced in various healing and meditation backgrounds.

How Does This Program Work?

The HoshinTao Chi Kung distance learning program booklet is available in a PDF file format which will be mailed to you on a CD. Mentoring services are included in the cost for each level and your mentor's background / contact information will be included in the level one package. The cost for each level is $25US, which does not include shipping costs.

Level 1 CD

Level 2 CD

Level 3 CD

Level 4 CD

Level 5 CD

Level 6 CD

Level 7 CD

The HoshinTao Chi Kung Distance Learning Progam Level One and Level Two DVDs are now available. These DVDs works in conjunction with each levels manual available on CD. This complete package, including the DVD and CD are available for $45 including shipping.

HoshinTao Chi Kung Level 1 CD and DVD Program $45 not including shipping.
HoshinTao Chi Kung Level 2 CD and DVD Program $45 not including shipping.

Please Note: Each level is consecutive. Once you and your mentor feel you have successfullly completed your current level you may order the next level. Subsequent packages will also include a certificate for the previously completed level.

What Others Have Had to Say About the Program

I got more benefit with the HoshinTao Cki Kung distance learning program than with the other chi kungs I have worked on before. I definitely have increased sensitivity to chi-energy in my body (but also in others and nature) and an energy blockage in my spine has dissolved. Furthermore, I have a better knowledge about myself and about how I can influence myself to get a desired result. I attribute no small part of that to the guidance of my competent mentor.

I don't regret spending the time (and money). I am positive that I will reach my aims with what the program has initated in my body and mind. I can recommend the program, especially to other people who are without a competent teacher!

Peter Nussbamer