Hoshinroshiryu Jutaijutsu Martial Arts DVDs

Hoshinroshiryu Jutaijutsu belt level DVDs are available for Earth (Red), Water (Orange), Fire (Yellow) and Wind (Green) Belt levels. Each DVD comes with all the material needed for each belt ranking. These DVDs are professionally filmed and edited and feature Dr. Glenn Morris himself. Enjoy Dr. Glenn Morris' humour while learning the Hoshin system.

$35 per Hoshin Belt DVD not including shipping.

Hoshin Earth (Red) Belt DVD Package
The Earth Belt DVD is the first in the series of the Hoshin Syllabi. It contains video footage and explanations of all syllabi techniques for both the White and Earth belt systems. You'll enjoy classic footage with Hoshin Founder Dr. Glenn Morris - soke.

Hoshin Water (Orange) Belt DVD Package
The Hoshin Water Belt DVDs are the second syllabi from the Hoshinjutsu system. These two DVDs contain extensive footage of the Water Belt syllabi. It explains all the classical water movements, strikes, throws, weaponry and more.


Hoshin Fire (Yellow) Belt DVD Package
The Hoshin Fire Belt DVD is the third syllabi from the Hoshinjutsu system. This DVD explores the joyful, pleasure of playing with the fire element. It also contains exclusive footage of the Hoshin Firewalk ceremony.

Hoshin Wind (Green) Belt DVD Package
The Hoshin Wind Belt DVD is the fourth syllabi from the Hoshinjutsu system and the final DVD created by Dr. Glenn Morris. As we explore the wind belt syllabi, we learn ways of compassionately
controlling our opponents while assisting them to become very light on their feet.


Dr. Death’s Greatest Hits DVD
Back in the early 1980's, Dr. Glenn Morris became known in martial arts relms as Dr. Death for his signature dark humour and nasty, yet painful combative martial arts techniques. This 30 minute tribute DVD celebrates some of the best footage found in our archives. This DVD is available for $12 not including shipping.

Hoshinjutsu and the Godai DVD
This Hoshin introductory DVD will give you a sneak peek into the Hoshinjutsu martial art, and a Japanese concept known as the Godai, or the Five Elements. Total play time is approximately 10 minutes. $10 not including shipping