HoshinTao Chi Kung Instructor Led Program

The HoshinTao Chi Kung Program is is lead by a certified HoshinTao Chi Kung instructor which introduces various stretching, breathing and meditative techniques (guided meditation, moving meditation and energy work), which will increase ones ability to perceive and use chi (energy).

The HoshinTao Chi Kung program is broken into three levels. Each week is comprised of a two hour session including breathing techniques, meditations, stretching and chi building exercises.

Level One

This 7 week program introduces you to the basics of the HoshinTao Chi Kung program. Here you will learn to feel energy and auras, develop a good foundation of stretching and breathing techniques, learn meditation positions and experience many guided meditations to assist you in developing your chi. Emphasis is placed on the base and second chakra.

Total 14 hours. Manual included. Home practice DVD available.

Level Two

In the HoshinTao Chi Kung level Two 8 week program you will build on the foundation learned in Level 1. Focus on the third and fourth chakra with an emphasis placed on jhow to properly work with the chi you have cultivated. Healing meditations, cooling breath, aura sensing and stretching are all emphasized in this level.

Total 16 hours. Manual included.

Level Three

This final 5 week program builds on the foundation set in Level 1 & 2. Here the emphasis is placed on the upper chakra. The program is completed by using advanced meditations and chakra diagnostic exercises.

Total 10 hours. Manual included.

The HoshinTao Chi Kung courses make a perfect way of increasing your energy in a progressive, and safe manner. This course is beneficial for both new and advanced meditators. Due to some of the physical stretches, please inform us of any physical limitations you may have.

Contact us if you are interested in a course near you.