Meditation Mastery CD Series

The Meditation Mastery CD series contains 8 meditation CD with over 40 exercises. This CD series was composed and led by Dr. Glenn Morris. For those of you who had the pleasure of attending his seminars or reading his books this is must for your collection. Each CD is filled with valuable meditations and techniques by the author himself.

The program includes Meditation Basics, DaMo's Cave, Moving Meditation and Advanced Meditations.

CD's can be purchased individually for $24 or as a complete set for $94. All prices include shipping.

Meditation Mastery Basics - 2 CD set

Meditation Basics starts the package with two CD's consists of an introduction, meditation instruction and several guided mediations. These meditations are the foundation practice for the meditations found on the other Meditation Mastery CDs.

Meditation Mastery DaMo's Cave - 2 CD set

The DaMo's Cave Meditation a two CD set containing several guided meditations which combine Chi Kung, Shamanistic and Modern Techniques to speed up access to the sub-conscious.

Meditation Mastery Moving Meditation - 2 CD set

The Moving Meditation two CD set requires you to have meditation experience. It helps you move from sitting to moving meditation - it is most like the meditation taught in Tai Chi and the Internal Martial Arts.

Meditation Mastery Advanced Meditation - 2 CD set

The Advanced Meditation two CD set is not for beginners. It helps to develop a broad base of knowledge and give clues and ideas to try in your meditative practice and deals with energy phenomena in Chi Kung and the Kundalini experience.

Meditation Mastery Complete Set - 8 CDs

The Meditation Mastery eight CD set includes the Basics Meditation, DaMo's Cave, Moving Meditation and Advanced Meditation sets.