Meditation Mastery and the Enlightened Warrior Products

Resonance Chakra Meditation Music
This meditation music creates a unique resonating feeling in the targeted chakra. These Meditation Music CD's are like no other and must be heard to fully appreciate. Each CD is 45 minutes in length.

Meditation Mastery 8 CD Series
The Meditation Mastery 8 CD series contains a collection of Dr. Glenn Morris meditations and exercises from basic to advanced techniques. This may be the only meditation series you will ever need. Available in 8 CD set or as individual CD's.

HoshinTao Chi Kung Distance Learning Program
The HoshinTao Chi Kung Distance Learning Program allows individuals who are not able to attend an instructor led class, to participate in the HoshinTao Chi Kung program. This program is broken into seven levels which can be purchased individually as each person progresses through the system. Each level contains meditations, chi building exercises, stretching and breathing techniques.

Bone Breathing Meditation CD
This ancient Taoist meditation will help increase your chi, and strengthen your body. This CD also contains 6 timed meditations.

Hoshinroshiryu Jutaijutsu Martial Arts DVDs
Dr. Glenn Morris' Hoshin belt DVDs, Dr. Death Greatest Hits DVD and Hoshinjutsu and the Godai DVD all featuring Dr. Glenn Morris.