Scott Wicks

Scott Wicks is a composer from Toronto, Ontario. He received his education in Sound Technology at the International Academy of Design and Technology, achieving a scholarship for his original multi-track composition. His musical influences are greatly inspired by both Classical and Electronic music. He is skilled with the Tuba, Keyboard Synthesis and a variety of ethnic instruments. He is always looking for an opportunity to compose!

"The Chakra Resonance meditation music was an interesting project. Conceptually, I had to achieve a series of unique results without any previous knowledge of the Chakra meditation system. I began these pieces with a sine wave bias tone representing each note. Then using a synthesizer, I would create a slightly more interesting and occasionally melodic ambient line, followed by melodies stemming from synthesizers, VST's (Virtual Sound Technology) and real instruments including the guitar, kalimba and Tibetan singing bowl.

Every piece is considerably unique, as my prior musical influences were tossed out the window once I reached the melodic stage of composition. Each segment was developed on an instinct as if I were piecing them together in the dark. For this, I believe the Chakra meditation to be a valuable collection of music with both melodic and psychoacoustic properties. I hope you enjoy them."